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  • What is a QR Code?

    QR Codes are barcodes arranged in a square orientation that are typically used for storing URLs or other information to be read by the camera on a smartphone.

  • What's the difference between a Static and Dynamic QR Code?

    A Dynamic QR Code offers additional functionality such as being able to change the URL without re-printing the code as well as visitor tracking and analytics. A Static QR Code does not offer this functionality and changes made to the code require re-printing.

  • Do you offer other file formats?

    We offer 3 different file formats. PNG files which are most appropriate for web and small print media. We also offer EPS and SVG file formats which are better for high resolution and print media. EPS and SVG formats are available to those who have created an account.

  • Can I change the colors used?

    Currently we do not offer color selection with our free service, however, for those with an account, we offer custom color selection along with many other features.

  • Can I download in a different size?

    The default size of 300x300 is available for free via our free service. With an account, you can select from 2 higher quality sizes (600x600 and 1200x1200). Also, by using SVG or EPS file formats, these files can be scaled infinitely without blurring or pixelation.

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